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Double product gathering, extravagant blooming, Dongguan Furniture Fair 2019, a perfect ending!

The five-day Dongguan Furniture Fair from 3.16 to 3.20 came to an end. As a domestic high-end solid wood furniture brand, the two series of Season - Yuexi Chinese Minimal and Season - Sandalwood New Chinese made a stunning appearance at the fair, and gained wide recognition from visitors from all over the world.

Season - Tanyu A heritage of craftsmanship

Tanyu is a fashionable new Chinese furniture brand under the name of Sze Hing Furniture Manufacturing Co. The name "Tan" means "Zen" and is derived from Wang Dao's phrase "like a sandalwood heart half-rolled". Sandalwood draws on the Zen meaning of Buddhism, which is a perfect combination of heaven and earth, man and nature.

Western Style and Eastern Charm Cultural Heritage

In ancient times, those who wished to be clear and virtuous in the world first ruled their country. Those who wanted to rule their country first had to reorganize their families; those who wanted to reorganize their families had to cultivate their bodies first. Those who wish to cultivate their bodies must first rectify their minds; those who wish to rectify their minds must first be sincere in their intentions. Those who wish to cultivate their bodies must first rectify their minds; those who wish to rectify their minds must first sincerely believe in their intentions; those who wish to sincerely believe in their intentions must first attain their knowledge; those who wish to attain their knowledge must first attain their knowledge

Season Furniture looks to new opportunities internationally

eason Furniture Supporting the four brands Sandalwood, Qijia, Shangpin and Yuexi Taking "Made in China 2025" as an opportunity With the theme of high-end equipment development and manufacturing

Open kitchen bar decoration effect

Modern city life is busy and stressful, and a warm home can bring the most relaxing leisure time for everyone. But how can you make your home warm and cosy? With a few tips and tricks, you can easily create a pleasant home. I have prepared a series of fashion information from house decoration to home furnishing to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.

Cleaning and maintenance of the entrance hall cabinet and the best way to buy

Entryway cabinets are meant to be decorative. The first thing you see when you enter is the entrance cabinet, which is the initial feeling of the guest entering the home from the busy outside world. It can be said that the design of the entrance cabinet is a distillation of the designer's overall design ideas, and it plays the role of a finishing touch in the room decoration. Entryway cabinets are generally small in size and should avoid using different styles of furniture to ensure a sense of wholeness in a small space. Also if the decoration and furniture styles are too different, it can create a cluttered feeling of space. Today we will learn more about the maintenance of the entrance cabinet and cleaning tips and other related details.